Writing Dissertation Proposal: Creating a Stunning Introduction

When a student has reached the level of education where they are trying to earn their PhD, they are required to create a dissertation. This is a totally unique educational project that has never been duplicated before in the educational experience. Because it is new, often times students feel a lot of stress or pressure when they sit down to look at the research data and begin the writing process of creating an educational document that will last throughout the years. One of the most important parts of the writing process is the introduction and creating a good introduction can be the gateway into writing a fantastic paper that will lead to one’s PhD.

A Great Start

Like any journey, to get off to a great start is very important to the rest of the trip. That is why the introduction to your dissertation proposal is vital to the success. In this part of the paper the thesis or point of your dissertation will be presented. It is the manner that the presentation takes place that will determine much of the enthusiasm and interest your reader will have in finishing the topic. Although this assignment is unlike any a student has undertaken before, it is still going to use the rules of good writing in order to pull it off and make someone else want to be interested in what you read. The process of creating a stunning introduction should be the first goal of writing this paper. It should come complete with the interesting facts and information that a reader of your paper is bound to encounter. The value of the content of the introduction is going to be representative of what the reader will expect throughout the paper. Much like a house that needs a coat of paint to be sold, a dissertation with a poor introduction will need some work before it is accepted. Even if the rest of the work is right on, the introduction should provide a welcome invitation rather than a negative road block.

Develop your Skills

Unlike any educational experience before, a dissertation will allow a student to develop a set of research skills that will be with them for the rest of their professional careers. It may take a few attempts to get the introduction just right but the learning process is occurring as the student tries. As they develop more of a mastery over the process of reporting the findings of their research, the writing process will naturally improve and the stunning introduction will read like the professional document it is.

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