Making Up Interesting Thesis Ideas

When it is time to create your thesis statement, you have to put yourself in the shoes of your professor. They see hundreds of thesis ideas over the course of their careers and if yours is not interesting, chances are they will be less forgiving of what would be considered minor in the case of an engaging argument. Making up interesting thesis ideas is also a great benefit to you as you will be the one who has to live and breathe the idea while writing the paper. Here are some hints to creating interesting thesis ideas.

Hint #1 – Don’t get attached to one idea

The biggest downfall of students is to come up with only one idea for their thesis and then to have it rejected by the professor. Generally, you are given several weeks to create the idea, but there is usually only a week or so between submitting it and the time frame to create the paper. The best thing you can do is to come up with several ideas that are equally interesting to you. This way you are not going to be caught unprepared.

Hint #2 – Narrow the topic

Thesis ideas become interesting when they are focused on a very narrow aspect of an issue. They are also easier to research and write. Think of the difference between trying to create an interesting thesis idea around global funding of developing economies and creating one that focuses on international development within economically disadvantaged indigenous communities. The former is so broad in scale that unless you plan on writing a book, there is no way you can make it succinct and interesting. The latter holds a narrow focus that has much room to develop interest in theories and proofs.

Hint #3 – The Internet is not the best source

Even when it comes to other research papers, the Internet should not be your sole source for information. If you fail to follow through with confirming the lineage of a paper you are citing, you run the risk of leaving yourself open to having used information that is false. Better to stay with online membership libraries for white papers and other resources that have a print version that can be referenced.

Hint #4 – Don’t get Strange

Interesting is good, strange and esoteric is not so good unless you are presenting a thesis for a specific PhD program. If you are making up interesting thesis ideas for a program that is not Doctoral, stay within the known topics. Don’t try to get around research requirements by thinking your topic is so unusual no one will have familiarity with it.

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