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Citing sources in a dissertation using APA formatting style can be an easy task. It is a matter of getting yourself familiar with the structure and how each source used is cited correctly. If you do not cite a source properly you may not receive full credit. At the same time, common mistakes made can be avoided when you understand what details should be mentioned. The following tips offer further perspective on the important of using APA style when creating citations for your dissertation.

The Importance of Citing Sources Correctly

Using sources for your research allows you to make creditable claims related to your argument or solution. Because your work is based on what others have completed it is only fair to give credit where it is due. This means you should provide accurate information about sources based on the format you are required to use; in this case it would be APA. In doing so, you reduce the risk of plagiarism and your work can be recognized as original content. in many case, if you fail to cite sources properly you could lose credit for work completed and result in a lower grade.

Understanding How to Use APA Style for Dissertation Citations

There are examples available online and through your school on how to use APA for citations. You should review a few samples to get an idea of how to display your sources, how to write them correctly, and what elements you need to make sure are present to declare the citation as correct. Some students review APA standards at the beginning of their project to get an idea of what to expect. Others may wait until their project is completed and deal with creating citations later.

Each Type of Resource is Cited Differently

This is an important element to remember when creating citations for your dissertation. Each source is different and how you access it will make a difference in how you cite it. You may pull information from a website, print article, reference book, or from someone you spoke to. Each of these elements will have a specific citation format to follow. They help readers distinguish different types of sources accessed for information included in the dissertation. You can get tips from your instructor, colleague, or a professional writer. There are academic writing services that can help you with APA dissertations citations as well.

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