Is There A Limit On The Number Of People To Be Included In The Dissertation Acknowledgments?

The dissertation acknowledgments basically give thanks to those who have helped you complete your project. Some students may take this much further than it needs to go, but it is considered an important part of your project. In most cases you are not limited to the number of people to include in your acknowledgment. Others feel you should mention institutions and people that helped contribute to your work. Most commonly, students give thanks to supervisors, funders, colleagues, and family members. So in many cases it may get difficult to try and limit who to thank.

Acknowledgements Are Known to Vary

Giving thanks to those who supported you while your project was being completed is a good task. You are acknowledging people that helped you complete your work and they helped you learn even more about your topic. It is like a celebratory moment because you have finished your work but at the same time you know you could not have done it without their support. This is why some are known to vary. Some students may have a simple paragraph thanking a few people, while others can have over a page in length giving thanks.

Knowing Who to Give Thanks

There may be formal individuals and professionals you may want to address such as anyone you spoke to and quoted in your text. You may want to mention professionals that work in the industry or field that took time to answer your questions. You may consider you instructor and anyone that gave input on how to write about your topic. Your colleagues may also be recognized if they helped you develop a better understanding of what is expected of your work. One way to help you remember who to give thanks to is to write down the person’s name or organization in your footnotes. This can help you reference such sources when you get ready to acknowledge them.

Are There Special Requirements for Writing an Acknowledgment?

This will vary depending on your school or educational institution. Some schools may be required to acknowledge their editor or proofreader if they worked with one. You may be given brief guidelines on whom to mention. Be sure to provide correct spelling names and organizations. If a person has a formal title review spelling to ensure it is written correctly.

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