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School is never easy, regardless of the age at which you are. Every single year you spend in school is difficult in its own way, but they will all be challenges that will be extremely beneficial for you even if you do not end up working in the field you have studies. Higher education has become much more commonly spread out there and more and more people choose to take not only a B.A. or a B.Sc., but also a Master’s Degree in their field of choice. Even more, nowadays, PhD studies have also become popular among many people and although it can be difficult to obtain your Doctorate, it is an excellent life choice, especially if you want to work in research.

Writing your dissertation may be the most difficult part of obtaining your degree and you will have to make sure that you invest time and effort if you want to have a truly amazing dissertation paper. Of course, it all starts with a topic, which may not be very difficult to find especially if you have a Master’s degree and if you want to write your dissertation on the same field.

Next to choosing a topic that actually interests you, reading a lot is the most important thing. The truth is that no professor out there will ever be able to actually tell you what to read and what not, especially if the topic you have chosen is more original and if not a lot has been written on that particular niche. Start with some basic books and papers and find out as much information as you can from them. Then, do make sure that you check out the references in these books for further learning on certain topics.

Writing a dissertation is a lot like a spider web in the sense that all of your readings are connected in one way or another to each other. After all, the search and the struggle are the most beautiful parts of writing academic work and even though they are the most challenging ones, they will also be the ones you will remember years from not. Of course, your presentation is important as well and it will mark a great moment in your life, but the readings you do now are the ones that will shape your future memories regarding your dissertation paper.

Read as much as you can and everything you can get on a particular subject because it is only this way that you can actually acquire all the information you will need to complete your dissertation paper successfully. Even more, your dissertation is probably one of the first steps you will make into the academic world and it is quite likely that you will focus on researching the same broad topic for the rest of your life (if academic research is what you want). Thus, what you read now will not be helpful just on the short or medium term, but also on the long term.

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