Planning your Time while Writing a PhD Dissertation

Writing a PhD dissertation can be a time consuming venture. If the writer is not careful with their time then they might find themselves in a situation where they have too much remaining to be done with too little time. Planning is essential in every job, and if no planning is done while writing a thesis, especially at the level of PhD, then the student might find themselves in a fix. If the student plans their time around the following steps, then they should deliver quality work and beat the deadline.

Finding the right topic

The writer should find a topic that is interesting to both the audience that it is intended for and the writer themselves. It is easier to write on a topic that interests the writer than writing on a topic that is dull and boring to them. Sometimes, the writer knows what area to write on but they do not know what specifics to focus on. In this case, it is easier to simply write their way to the specific topic. If they are unsure, they should consult the instructor or the lecturer. Whatever topic is chosen there has to pose a question that the dissertation will then go on and answer.

Finding the sources

This is where the writer will find the background information to support their stand in the dissertation. They should consider looking in a wide range of places like library catalogs, bibliographies and get information from library books. If they are unsure of sources, they should consider asking for suggestions from their lecturers. Other sources include book chapters and journal documents.

Documenting and sequencing information

After gathering the relevant information, they should go about grouping the relevant pieces of information together. This helps in logically arranging the PhD thesis. The grouping system should arrange the information according to the relative importance.

The introduction

This part should attract the attention of the writer, and keep them hooked on the paper. It should provide enough background information and define the necessary terms that might be too complex to the audience. It should then reveal the objective of the paper through the thesis question.


The body is the meat that attaches to the planning bone. All the time management would be for nothing if the body was not executed properly. The points should be clear and concise, arranged in a logical manner and build up to the conclusion and the objective of the essay.


This part summarizes the point that the writer makes in the body, in a short paragraph or section. After the conclusion the writer should create time for proofreading for mistakes.

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