Thesis Writing Manual: Selecting and Researching your topic

Thesis is a comprehensive written document. Thesis is a research paper which is declared as a compulsory document which students have to submit to claim their degrees of bachelors and higher education. Most of the students find it a difficult task to do. They get confused about selection of topic for their research work. Thesis is an original work that every student has to do on his/her own. Thesis should be written with care and hard work.

Thesis writing is not any easy assignment to be done without guideline and help. Usually students seek help of a supervisor, teacher, and senior or online thesis guide to start their thesis work. If you want to write an impressive thesis then you must be familiar with thesis manual. There are number of questions that come in your mind before you start writing your thesis. You are more often than not getting confused about the topic of your thesis, how to start writing your work and which format to follow to write an effective thesis.

This article will provide you with a thesis manual which you can use while writing your thesis. This manual will also provide help in selecting the topic for thesis and in searching the earlier studies related to your topic. If you want to complete your thesis before your deadline then you must make a thesis manual and follow it for your ease and proper utilization of your time. Given below is the thesis manual which will provide you a necessary guideline:

  • First of all examine the deadline for your thesis and calculate the time which you need to accomplish your task within the given time period.
  • Once you are done with time and work assigned examination then distribute your work on different time periods on daily or weekly bases.
  • In your first time lapse, prepare your thesis proposal and submit it to your advisor in first week.
  • In next week, work on literature review and make a draft of studies and research articles that you studied or read about your thesis topic.
  • In next step, make an outline or structure for your whole thesis work and submit it.
  • In next step, you have to work on first chapter of your thesis in detail and make sure the submission of first chapter of your thesis.
  • In this step, you have to collect your data and enter it in your thesis. Compile the main body of your thesis in this step of approximately 50to 60 pages.
  • Revisit your work and edit it according to the suggested feedback of your supervisor.
  • Add conclusion at the end and make a final draft of your thesis.

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