Writing a PhD Thesis: Abstract is really important

The abstract is an important part of your thesis. When you’re writing the thesis for your last year of school, it can be frustrating getting the abstract just right. You know that your thesis is the biggest assignment you’ve ever done, and your education is hanging on your grade. All that pressure can sometimes make you not perform at your best, when it matters most. If you need help with writing your abstract, there are a few things you can do to make it easier on yourself. This article will show you some tips and ways that you can write the best thesis you can.

How to Write a Good Abstract for My Thesis

First, let’s talk more about what exactly an abstract is and what it does for your thesis. The abstract is the first thing your examiner will see, and it should set appropriate expectations for the rest of your thesis. It’s kind of like a conclusion at the beginning; a summary of your work in a condensed space. Generally, abstracts are less than one page, some standards are at 150 words, and some are longer, at around 350 words. Whichever word count you are required to adhere to, remember that you are preparing the person reading it for what the rest of your thesis is going to be.

Make sure you don’t forget to talk about your results. This is the single most common missing element from student abstracts. A summary isn’t a teaser, like the back of a novel, it’s more of a synopsis, and that must include “spoilers” and your ending (the results). Stick to the primary function of your abstract, which is to talk about what you discovered, not how you discovered it!

Another tip is to make about half of your thesis talking about the interpretation of your results. Not only do you need to explicitly say what they are, but what do these results mean in the scope of your field? Will they change the future of the industry or promote a new pathway to success? Thinking forward here, and outside of your own career, is a great way to put some perspective into this.

Lastly, you should check that each part of your abstract lines up with a chapter in your thesis. For example, there should be one or two sentences for each chapter in the summary.

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