Mastering the art of PhD dissertation writing

What is a PhD dissertation?

In order to understand what can be involved in mastering the art of PhD dissertation writing it is obviously important to understand what a PhD dissertation actually is. Put simply, a PhD dissertation is an important and substantial essay that is particularly research intensive and acts as part of a student’s study when it comes to doing a doctorate.

The term dissertation is often used interchangeably with a thesis; however, they are not necessarily the same. Whilst there are certainly similarities and may even be the exact same thing, depending on the institution and country in which the terms are used, a dissertation can also be slightly different from a thesis in that it is applied, strictly speaking, to those undertaking a doctorate course, as opposed to a Master’s, for example. One of the main similarities between the two, besides the structure and need for a considerable amount of research, is that they may both be focused on either an original topic or concept, or at least taking a fresh or unique approach to a part of a topic.

Essential requirements to succeed at PhD dissertation writing

In order to succeed when it comes to writing a good PhD dissertation, it is important to know what will be expected. Of course, you will need to have an excellent understanding of the topic that you are writing about but you also need to have a keen appreciation of how best to organise and present the work. The following are therefore all very important requirements when it comes to having that success:

  • Extensive reading
  • Thorough research
  • Original ideas
  • A solid understanding of the structure of a dissertation
  • Knowledge and a strict adherence to the required formatting

Extensive reading and research will allow you to understand the topic that you are writing a dissertation about. Furthermore, it will give you a greater scope to know about how best to write the work and what to include. The more well-read you are, the easier it can be to find inspiration to find something original to base your dissertation on.

Once you understand the subject that you are writing about, you then need to know how to write about it so as to comply with the requirements of dissertation writing. There are generally a range of guidelines to follow and any mistakes when it comes to the layout of your work should be avoided as they are essentially completely unnecessary.

Dissertation writing

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