Dissertation Tips: Managing your Committee

With dissertation writing, there are many different people involved. This can help to take the stress off of you, because although you are doing the bulk of the work, you aren’t alone in it. Having a committee or group of people helping you is the key to a successful dissertation. It isn’t enough just to research and write it; you’ll have an advisor at your university, a panel to present to, professionals to interview, friends to get opinions from, and other classmates to trade ideas with. When so many people are involved, it can take away from your focus. Make sure you have a solid vision of what you want before enlisting too much help.

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Writing the biggest paper of your life sounds hard, doesn’t it? A lot of students fear the year that they’ll write their dissertation because of the stress and anxiety that it brings. You don’t have to be one of those students. When you have lots of people to help you, it can take some of the burden from your shoulders. It’s hard enough to write a dissertation even for people that have done it for a different degree already. You won’t have to go this alone, and you shouldn’t have to.

When you’re knee deep in research and eyeball deep in worries, friends can be a huge encouragement. You’re going to need a positive attitude, hard work, determination, and organization to succeed. Add to that some positive people who believe in you and you have a recipe for a great dissertation. Besides that, all you need is to follow the exact guidelines from your professor, and make sure your sources are cited. Writing the rough draft is the easy part of all this.

Once you’ve finished the first draft, your friends and others are useful for opinions, suggestions and proofreading. Computers aren’t perfect at catching errors, and sometimes old fashioned human eyes are needed. Something else friends can do for you is making sure your transitions are smooth, that your writing makes sense, and that the tone is right. No computer can analyze something creatively like that.

It can sometimes take up your time to manage the people in your life involved in your dissertation project, but they are worth it. Try talking to each one of them and asking how they want to help, instead of just asking them to do specific parts.

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