Surviving Dissertation Defense: How To Make An Impressive Presentation

Writing your dissertation can be incredibly frustrating process is one that is incredibly time-consuming and also one that is highly independent. Underwriting other papers, you are not given much assistance or direction. You have the chance to work independently for the first time. The dissertation is your chance to show your advisor and your review committee that you can conduct research on your own.

  • When you are writing your dissertation, you need to find a workable topic. You will need to run your topic by your advisor in the form of a proposal. The advisor will review what topic you have in mind, and help you recognize whether or not it is a viable topic. If there is not sufficient evidence or information out there, or the existing information does not support your work, then your advisor will address that and let you know that the topic needs to be changed.
  • It is important that you create a schedule right from the start and that you keep it. Your dissertation is a long project, so making a research and writing schedule is the only way to stay on track. When you create your writing schedule you should set a goal. That's goal should be a set number of words that you want to produce a great day. You can easily create a great dissertation in three months’ time if you write 500 words per day. But there are days that you may be unable to write for days where your schedule takes over. So, setting a goal of perhaps 1000 words per day can help make up for days where your schedule eats up your time or where you are not feeling creative. When you have the schedule, it can be beneficial for you to also make an accountability partner. This can be someone from your class or a close friend or family member you trust. The purpose of the accountability partner is to have someone with a copy of your schedule. That someone can check in periodically to make sure that you are still on track and hitting each of your milestones.
  • Each time you a small milestone, reward yourself. If for example, you can meet your entire target writing goals for a week straight, you can reward yourself with a night off. It is imperative that you take good care of yourself. Do not strain yourself out too far you will be unable to complete your project on time. If you cannot celebrate small milestones achievements, you will lose motivation to keep going.

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