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Every graduate student stressed about writing their dissertation or doctoral thesis. Writing a rigorous, informative, professional, novel, and interesting dissertation is essential for academic and career success; it’s also incredibly difficult and requires months of full-time effort at minimum. It’s no wonder, then, that an ever increasing number of doctoral candidates are making use of sample theses and dissertations found online.

What is a sample thesis?

A sample thesis (or dissertation) can be used as a template for writing a unique dissertation. Often these samples are actual PhD dissertations by real graduate students, and have been submitted at some point in the past and approved by that students’ doctoral committee. As such, they are a useful example of what a good thesis or dissertation looks like. It can be used for creative inspiration or as an organizational guide for an aspiring PhD.

How to find a sample thesis?

There are many ways to locate an example dissertation or thesis. First, ask all the students and faculty in your department. If you can borrow a dissertation from a student who has attended your university and studied under your adviser, so much the better. If that tactic does not work, take to the web. Locate a custom writing service and pay for access to sample papers. Alternatively, you may wish to hire a professional dissertation or thesis writer.

How to use a sample thesis for completing your own work?

Read the sample dissertation several times, and at various points in your academic process. First, read the dissertation before writing your own proposal. It may provide you with ideas for your own project, or give you a broader sense of what the final product should look like and how long it ought to be. Then, read the dissertation again after you have completed your background reading and are embarking on your literature review. Turn to the sample dissertation once more after your proposal has been accepted and your data has been collected or analyzed. This time, pay attention to the final sections of the sample paper, and use it to inform your own work.

What to avoid?

A sample dissertation can also provide you with hints as to the do’s and don’ts of completing your dissertation. Look for areas of the paper that are hard to follow, don’t flow logically, or seem awkwardly laid out. Avoid these mistakes in your own paper. Also, make sure to keep your dissertation’s content entirely distinct from the content of the sample, to avoid academic dishonesty allegations.

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