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There is some confusion among students to which type of assignment their professor is referring to when they are assigned a long project. Here’s one way to tell apart a thesis vs dissertation: if your project is about a topic you are looking into and are gathering what you’ve found into one location, perhaps with a little of your opinion but usually not, then that is a dissertation and they are usually shorter than a thesis. A thesis on the other hand is usually original research and is a much more in depth study. Also, it relies a lot of your opinion which is another big difference; in a dissertation it’s mostly objective.

If you’re still wondering whether you are doing a thesis or dissertation, consider this as well: a dissertation is a study accompanying a bachelor or master’s degree. A thesis is for a doctorate and is normally published as your first work as a professional in your field. They are normally 20,000 to 30,000 words whereas a dissertation is more around 10,000 words.

What is the thesis vs dissertation difference?

The thesis dissertation difference relies on what type of writing you are doing. If your professor says that they want original research, and your opinion on the matter with a very long piece of work, then it is a thesis. But if it’s more a settling of the research of others into one piece that you organize, with little or none of your own thoughts, it is a dissertation.

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Is there a significant Difference Thesis Dissertation?

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Telling Between Thesis and Dissertation

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