Writing a PhD Dissertation: Hand-in Day

When the deadline for your PhD dissertation is approaching you may begin to feel a bit nervous. This is fairly understandable since a PhD dissertation paper is one of the most important student papers that you will ever write.

However, there really is no reason to get overwhelmed by the prospect of handing in your final draft. One thing that many students forget about their dissertation is that is a unique presentation of new information that you have collected in your field of study. Although it is a correct, well-edited publication when you hand it in, it doesn’t have to be the Mona Lisa of papers. What i am trying to say is that your dissertation is the first of hopefully many, expert studies in your field. Chances are that your faculty and peers will be generous in their evaluation of your presentation because they understand that this is just your first contribution. Many students get caught up in the idea that their dissertation is the most wonderful thing that was ever written. However, rest assured that your dissertation writing abilities will only get better! After all if your submission is successful then you will likely have a very lucrative career.

Things To Check Before You Hand Your Dissertation Paper In!

Even though your dissertation is not a work of art, it does have to be complete and include all the important elements. By time you are ready to hand it in, it should be well edited, polished, and organized. On the deadline for submission you are going to want to double-check that you have included everything that is required. The most important things that you should check for before your hand your dissertation include:

  1. Your title page, name, date, institution, etc.
  2. Your sources cited page, make sure it is accurately formatted.
  3. Your acknowledgments page, don’t leave anyone out.
  4. Any visual components are they significant, and impacting
  5. Spelling and grammar, this should have been checked before but give it a once over just in case!
  6. Page numbers.
  7. Print quality, double-check that the document is readable. This is especially important if you have made copies.
  8. Digital formatting, if you are submitting your paper as a PDF.
  9. Re-read the specific criteria for publication one last time, to assure you have not forgotten anything.

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