A PhD Thesis can be Written in Three Weeks

Those who have reached the point where they are attempting to gain their PhD in any field will have to create, support and develop a thesis statement that will prove or disprove some aspect of their science or field of academic study. It is understanding that many doctorate candidates are going to be quite nervous about the thesis that they choose. This sort of uncertainty can allow for the process of choosing to be put off for months and for some people even years. The thesis that you choose will be the focus of your research and academic pursuit until it is completed and accepted by your school as complete and accurate. There is hope though that you can get the decision done quicker and easier by simply setting a more motivated and decisive intention toward creating a paper.

Use Your Passion

One of the first things a potential PhD candidate has to do is to choose a topic for their thesis. This should be easy because the number one thought should be to follow something that the student is passionate about. In all the academic pursuits they have touched on in all their years of schooling, there must have been several topics that hit a strong cord of interest inside them. In fact there are probably several. Too often students try to go in a direction of what they think others are going to want to see. That is fine if that topic is something that makes you feel passionate about the project, if not you should move on. This is important because, much of the research and writing of this project can be long and arduous. Choosing something that you already love is going to make the research easier and the writing much more sincere. To choose a topic like this, it begins by creating a list of topics that are in your particular sphere of interest. Your goal should be ten, but five good solid interests should be enough to get started on.

Break Them Down and Build them Up

It is at this point that the real thinking is done and decisions are going to be made. Looking at each topic, create a quick thesis idea or ideas for each one. Do not be afraid to ask for input from others that you trust. Find out where the research projects are going to be easily developed and what questions are begging to be answered. It will be easy to see where each of the topics you have a passion for will lead you. Then as you look at them side by side, you will have to make a determination about which topic you are going to investigate further. Once you make this difficult decision then it will be time to write your thesis statement, which will be your focus. This shouldn’t take too long but don’t be afraid to ask for help and opinions as you work your way through them.

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