How to survive a PhD thesis

Did you know that the most common reason for a doctoral candidate to fail to get their doctorate is not finishing their thesis? It’s true. Despite the fact that your thesis is very likely the final project a student needs to complete in order to finish their doctorate, many fall short of finishing. This unfortunate fact is due to burn out, rather than incompetence. After all, your entire academic career has made you more than prepared to write your thesis. But the long-term nature of the research and writing project still defeats many a candidate who seemed to have high potential. Here are some tips and tricks to help you survive your thesis!

  • Set a Routine and Stick to It
  • One of the most vital things you can do is set a schedule for working on your thesis and stay on track with it. Your routine should be both daily and weekly. Ensuring you get adequate rest and form good habits for productivity early on is very important.

  • Write in the Morning
  • It’s been shown that nearly everyone does their most productive writing in the morning. If you have several thesis related tasks to do in a day, try your best to schedule your writing in the morning. You’ll write more, and write higher quality material that way, thus saving yourself time later on.

  • Write for 45 Minutes at a Time
  • Studies also show that the best period of time for writing is 45 minutes. At that point, you should take a short break, get up, walk around, and get some fresh air if possible. This ensures that you make the most of every bit of your writing time.

  • Use a Timer for Breaks
  • A break can turn into a wasted day if you get distracted. Using a timer to determine when to take a break and when to go back to work helps to keep you focused. It also deters you from constantly checking the time. A kitchen timer or a timer on your smart phone can work wonders when trying to stay on track.

  • Back up All Data and Sources
  • Keep digital backups, preferably more than one, of all of your data, sources, and research materials. In addition, you should also back up your writing in progress. This will not only help you stay organized, but will protect against any disastrous data losses.

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