Combining Dissertation Writing with your Personal Life

A PhD dissertation is a major undertaking for any graduate student. It takes massive amounts of time and research, and earns you a very personal title.

As all of the research comes together and is organized in a very comprehensive manner to defend your thesis statements, your personal experiences have a lot of pull and can be used to help push your points.

Dissertations are usually of a subject that is very personal to the writer, and they do their research intensely. A common thing to do with the Thesis is to write about something is very personal to the writer. Their own personal experiences play a huge part in pushing their points. They pull from their lives to emphasize things that may be lacking in research.

While many writers use appendixes to add to the length of the dissertation, some with very personal ties to their subject add in their own life stories to add bloat to the body of it. Certain types of dissertations have more ties to emotional stories than others. It varies from writer to writer as does their topics and experiences.

Take for example a history writer. Their dissertation could be on a particular suffrage of a certain group of people, their heritage could be a push for their thesis. They may take accounts from their family who went through the crisis. This can push a point in the emotional sense, forcing the readers to think about their viewpoint and take it into account. The use of personal pronouns is another thing that makes a dissertation different from most research papers and such. Using “I” and “My” as pronouns gives the paper a strong push as an emotional tie, and gives content defending your thesis statement with credited sources. If a point is lacking evidence to back it up, the sources should help push it toward their goal, but in case that doesn’t happen they can use their emotional ties to the subject and give examples to support it.

The average PhD dissertation for most writers varies in length, content, topic and sources. The longer it is, the more sources are generally used, and the more likely there is emotional ties to it, the more likely it is supported correctly. It is a large part of any student’s life, and is vital to all of their education, as all of it has led up to this dissertation.

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