Main Criteria For Choosing A Proper PhD Dissertation Topic

If you are just beginning your PhD, thinking about starting your dissertation can be overwhelming.  I hope that you are starting your research early and that is the reason that you are reading this.  Since a PhD degree takes four to eight years to complete, I hope you start to look for your dissertation topic way before you have to begin it.  Doing this will give you time to learn how to write one and see what others have with theirs.

You know what field you are studying, so choosing from topics that you have learned over the years can be easy but you what to find something that give new information to your field of study.  Choosing your PhD dissertation topic can be difficult but if you start early, it gives you a better chance of pick one that you won’t regret later.

How To Choose Your Topic

Start by reading other dissertations, so you can familiarize yourself with topic ideas and the style that others have used for their dissertations.  When you are reading these, look at the how the writer answered the basic question of the dissertation and how they subtopics pertain to it.  Also look at the questions and problems that the dissertation is trying to answer.  

When choosing your topic start with ones you are passionate about or are interested in.  Once you have a narrowed down topic list of your interests, start reading articles and books on the subject.  Read them critically as you would an academic paper, thing of the debate and thing of questions about the topic that you could use for your dissertation.

You could also write a literature review on a question that you came up with as you were reading.  This can be a quick exercise to help you figure out if your question is valid and the right one for your dissertation.

 If you are still struggling to find a topic after all the research and reading, don’t be afraid to ask for help or look for advice for other students in your position online.  There are blogs, websites, and all kinds of other resources out there that can help you with your dissertation.  You just have to look for them or seek advice from a fellow student, professor, or advisor.

Don’ts On Choosing A Topic

  •  Don’t try to please everyone because in the end no one is happy.
  •   Don’t pick a topic that is too challenging or one that has too many variables.
  •   Don’t pick a topic that you can’t find or product data on.

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