The Best Geography Dissertation Ideas

The best geography dissertation ideas should come to you prior to doing the dissertation proper. We’re talking about working on your proposal. At the proposal stage, you’re going to structure everything for your dissertation before you even get to write the actual dissertation.


If you haven’t gotten to writing your proposal then continue to “Topics” to see some pretty general topics on geography you could write on. Other than that, you should really utilize your proposal. Your dissertation isn’t going to steer off course from your proposal as the readers—professors in your field at your institution—are going to be expecting to see everything in your proposal covered in your dissertation. So just use your dissertation proposal and you’ll get through your dissertation easily enough.

Topics To Use

Geography is a very vast topic with many different branches and those branches have many topics of their own. Some general topics to explore for your dissertation include:

  • Regional geography
  • Physical geography
  • Continents and subcontinents
  • Integrated geography
  • Human geography

“What do each of these mean?” you ask? This is your field of study, you should have some idea. Actually, you should know exactly what each of these refers to.  In any case, a simply glance through your text books will turn up something for you to do your dissertation in geography on, so finding a topic isn’t difficult. You’ll also have to research everything as well, so you’ll come across a few topics anyways.

The main thing you want to worry about is finding something in these topics worth writing about. That will require more exploration. Truthfully though, with the years you’ve been studying in your field, you should know exactly what it is your dissertation will over.  A dissertation isn’t your run of the mill essay that you can do with two days left. As a matter of fact, you’ll have more than enough time to do you dissertation and that means more than enough time to find a topic to research and find something to address through your research.

In any case, use the general topics above, read and find more topics If needed and find issues to tackle for your geography dissertation. These are just to get you started. Remember, there is a problem to solve in every topic, you just have to be receptive enough to find it.

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