Interesting Thesis Topics to Hook the Reader’s Attention

The introduction of your paper is like a first impression. It’s the first chance to make a good impression on your reader, and interest them in your topic. If the topic you choose is boring to you, than you will have a difficult time selling it to your reader. Make sure to always choose something relevant and interesting. Here are 20 Examples of intriguing, thought provoking thesis topics that will surely grab your reader’s attention:

  1. Human trafficking in a globalized world
  2. Violence in the media and the consequences on everyday life
  3. The glorification of the narcotic trafficking culture in Mexico (pay special attention to the ideas of “Narco-Corridos” and “Narco-Beauty”)
  4. The prostitution industry in developing nations (Especially Southeast Asia and South America) and how tourism is contributing to this issue
  5. The increased rate of natural disasters and it’s connection to global climate change
  6. Social media and the role it plays in an increase in psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression, bullying, and suicidal tendencies
  7. Sex-change ratios and policies in Thailand and how it effects local populations and tourism
  8. Prevalence and social acceptance of cosmetic surgery in South America (look particularly in Colombia, Venezuela, and Brasil)
  9. Violence in everyday American life and culture and it’s relation to gun control laws in that country
  10. The international cocaine trafficking business, looking at specific geographic locations. Identify where the demand, supply, and transportation is coming from and the cultural effects of the trade
  11. The exotic animal smuggling industry. Once again identify the demand, supply, and transportation in this billion dollar international trade
  12. HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa and its relationship to prostitution
  13. Severe decrease in the National Birth Rate in Japan, and the cultural factors that contribute to this
  14. Mail order brides and other arranged marriages
  15. Global nuclear power and the prevalence of peace among nations with nuclear capabilities
  16. Does media portrayal of young mothers (like MTV’s “16 and Pregnant”) lead to a spike in teen pregnancy?
  17. Do beauty pageants promote unhealthy ideas about women and femininity?
  18. How has recreational marijuana legalization in Uruguay affected the country?
  19. How has the September 11th Al Qaeda attacks changed global politics?
  20. How do international corporations appeal to international audiences? Example: the changes in the Starbucks logo in the Middle East, or the difference in the McDonalds menus for different countries

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