5 Useful Tips To Help Your Dissertation Writing Process

Everybody knows that the dissertation writing process is not meant to be easy (or everyone would do it) In fact completing a dissertation paper may very well be one of the more challenging things that you do in your lifetime (or at least academic career). However it isn’t impossible and many people have done it before you…

Instead of getting discouraged take a look at these 5 Helpful Tips To Help You Get Through Your Dissertation

  1. Write It On Something That Matters
  2. Please don’t write your dissertation on a topic simply because you think that it “sounds smart”. If you are going to write a dissertation, don’t bore yourself (or your mentors) with an overdone irrelevant topic that is supposed to be impressive.

    Choose something that

    a.) You are passionate about (it is your publication after all!)

    b.) Has not been done before

    c.) People will want too read

  3. Teach Yourself About A Little Thing Known as “Time Management”
  4. If you have gotten to this point in your academic career by playing more video games than doing homework, then now is the time to change. You are going to have to learn to schedule your time and only include leisurely activities once the “hard work” is done.

  5. Let People Know That Your Are Busy
  6. Yes your dissertation is going to kill your social life however your friends, family, and dog will understand if you explain how important this project is to you and your career. Remember, it is all about short-term changes for long-term rewards. Say no to last minute activities for awhile, you have a hot date with your dissertation paper every single night!

  7. Cut Yourself Some Slack
  8. On the other side of this conundrum, is the reality that all work and no play will quickly make you lose your sanity. Develop a disciplined system that still allows you time to do the things you love. If you have been putting in many hard hours doing research you deserve some time off.

  9. Find Inspiration In Your Down Time
  10. Just because your body is taking a break it doesn’t mean your brain needs too. Live and breathe your dissertation topic because inspiration can come at any time. Keep a notebook or word document where you can jot down sudden ideas as they come to you, they might come in handy later.

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