Writing a Doctoral Dissertation – Conducting Your Research

When you are dedicated enough to pursue a PhD then this should be a breeze for you. You have had how many years of school now? Research should be second nature to you. Your dissertation with be the ultimate culmination of the doctoral expertise and knowledge in the area that the dissertation will be on.

  1. The first step in research is always making a list of plausible research topics.
  2. Since this will be the area of your expertise when you finally obtain your PhD your topic should be in the area of your field of study but narrowed down to a very fine point.
  3. No matter what field or subject you are writing about it has some sort of historical significance. It may be recent or it may date back to the Ice Age but it will have a historical significance. You should analyze and discuss how your topic made an impact on both humanity and history.
  4. Scientific research should also be included in your dissertation. At some point in time there will have been scientific research done on the topic of your research. Dig deep until you find this research and incorporate it into your dissertation.
  5. There will also be a mathematical element to your thesis. Any research should include things like statistics, probability or even just applied math.
  6. Citation is crucial. At this point in your educational career you should not have to be told this again, but at the same time, it can never be said enough.

In all of your years at school, every year there has been some sort of final exam. You made it this far so you must have passed at least a few of them. Look at this as if it were a final exam that you are studying for. Each element of the dissertation could be a class with a final exam. Research it thoroughly and be prepared to defend it because you will have to defend it in order to get your doctorate. Memorize names, dates, locations and any other pertinent information because you may have to answer a question about it at the drop of a hat.

With thorough research and a lot of patience you will be able to get through this. Remember to breathe. Take your time. Space it out with regular breaks. You know that you can do this now prove it to everyone else!

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