Top 5 worst Dissertation Topics ever

As many students who have been there know, coming up with dissertation topics is usually not very fun. Spending hours staring at blank paper trying to figure out a topic that can encompass all of your study and academic years can be very intimidating and overwhelming. This desperation can result in students checking their commons sense in at the door and forget to think about how others will look at their dissertation. How bad could desperate topics be? Well, just read on to see five of the possibly worst dissertation topics that students have actually written on over the years.

Does Country Music Cause Suicides?

For country music lovers the answer would be a resounding no and for those individuals who are not fans of the music would answer with a wholehearted yes. Seems pretty cut and dry as far as opinions go and there wouldn’t seem to be much viable research on the fact. However at least one student has taken on this topi at one point and time as the focus of several years of research, study, and academic work.

Do Chickens Prefer Good-Looking People?

You read that right, someone decided to write their dissertation on the idea of whether chickens are smart enough to recognize physical features in humans and if they have a concept of beauty and attractiveness. The outcome of this dissertation is not immediately known because it was likely lost to the pile of failed dissertations and the writer was smart enough to never speak of it again.

What Makes Penguins Poo the Way They Do?

If anyone has seen penguins they may have noticed that penguins tend to poo with a good bit of force. While most people find this phenomenon slightly gross at least one student saw it as a chance to research what all went into penguin poo. Evidently the student covered questions that no one ever asked such as how much force is behind penguin poo.

Is Farting a Physiological Defense?

A handful of people might have been hoping that the answer to this was yes. What better way ti excuse their lack of control, right? This dissertation apparently followed a single individual through his troubles childhood and young adult life. The student argued that this individual's extrema flatulence was a defense mechanism he developed to deal with his environment and the people around him.

Do Unicorns (or Other Mythological Creatures) Actually Exist?

Yup, someone decided to invest years of their academic research and study looking into whether or not unicorns and other mythological creatures actually existed. Not too surprisingly, the results were not very conclusive and chances are this student found their dissertation on the floor and found themselves in need of a new and better thought out dissertation.

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