Dissertation writing process: setting small goals

Dissertation writing is a time taking and length process. Students often complain of the thesis being too much of work. However they do not realize that they are allowed a total of two years to complete this dissertation. If you plan your things accordingly and deal with one grain at a time there is no way you can’t complete your dissertation on time.

Set small goals

Writing your thesis will be much easier if you divide it into smaller steps and then move gradually towards each step. Every big project had a small start so it is important to take the initiative. Setting small goals will help you in

  • Starting right away
  • Staying motivated
  • Achieving milestones
  • Improving confidence
  • Staying focused
  • Complete different portions

Smaller goals will help you in developing a sense of self confidence and acknowledgement. When you will divide a 5000 word count into 5 equal parts you will easily be able to do it in five hours. However if you keep thinking of a 5000 word count altogether you will not even be able to write a single line in an hour. You will be stressed out by the idea of massive word count and will never have enough motivation to start it.

Short term milestones

For every project there are always two types of milestones. The long term milestones are the ones that present a bigger picture and are concerned with a chapter or the project as a whole. These milestones take long to be completed.

The other types of milestones are the short term milestones. They deal with tasks on a smaller scale and are usually divided on daily basis. You may even set milestones on an hourly basis. These milestones will help in breaking down the long term milestones into parts and chunks and then slowly move towards the whole completion.

If you think logically then you would realize that the dissertation is not as much of a problem as you have assumed it to be. Dividing your work on a daily basis and hourly writing sessions will give you an estimate of how early you can complete it without getting lost in the middle.

The dissertation writing process is complex and there is no doubt to it. However it is supposed to be this way if we consider the level of education it is associated with. Getting a PhD degree certainly would require efforts on the student’s behalf.

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