Defining Dissertation Writing

Writing a dissertation is fairly simple to define. Such essays are written by students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. A dissertation is not short but rather is a lengthy or extended piece of writing. It is not completed in a short period of time. The examiner, who could be a tutor or lecturer, assumes that the student has completed extensive reading before writing their dissertation and has undertaken significant independent research in preparation.

Of course different academic institutions will have different requirements as far as dissertation writing is concerned but the general definition applies to all. That general definition includes:

  • plenty of prior reading and research;
  • well-constructed arguments;
  • perfect spelling, grammar and syntax;
  • a proper layout.

Proper layout indeed

Now every institution is unique and will have its own set of rules and requirements so that students know the formula or template for presenting their dissertation. Therefore it should be abundantly clear that every student must make themselves aware of the requirements of their college or university.

Fortunately the layout requirements are freely available and are often online. The content of the dissertation is obviously the responsibility of the student but there is one area in which every student can copy their peers. The layout of every dissertation can be identical.

Citation of references

This is particularly important and one which trips up many a student. Obviously a great deal of reading and research will have gone into the subject before the dissertation is written. And it is a requirement that any sources quoted in the dissertation are given due recognition. How this is done depends on the rules. There is a particular way of citing all your references and sources. Your college will tell you the way and it is up to you to follow their instructions.

The topic is all-important

In some academic institutions, a list of dissertation topics will be provided and students asked to choose one. Before any research and writing commences, the student should discuss the topic they had chosen with their tutor. This ensures that the topic is ripe for the student and that the approach they intend to take is acceptable to the lecturer.

The choice of topic is even more important when the student is given free reign. By all means choose a topic in which you have an interest even preferably, a passion, but discuss that topic in detail with your tutor before you start work.

The only other remaining attribute when writing a dissertation is to make sure you stick to the topic. Far too many students wander from the chosen path.

Dissertation writing

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