Stages Of Writing Doctoral Theses

If you have reached your doctoral studies then it probably means that you want some sort of career related to the academic field. This is why you will probably consider your doctoral thesis to be extremely important and you will be quite nervous about it. Although this may be the most important and the lengthiest paper you have written up to the moment, the truth is that you may actually take pleasure in doing it. The research part, as well as the writing part may be something you will actually like – and even more so if you are actually interested in the topic of your research.

There are several stages of writing the doctoral theses and if you want to find out more about them, then you should definitely read on and see exactly the main steps you should take towards your doctoral theses.

  1. Choosing the topic is the very first step you will have to make. Be absolutely certain that you settle on something you are actually interested in and that will captivate your interest for as long as possible. Also, make sure that it is narrow enough to be interesting and that it is large enough so that you can cover it over the course of an entire doctoral thesis.
  2. Most likely, you will have to write and defend a proposal before you actually get down on working your doctoral thesis, so make sure that you are prepared for this as well.
  3. The next steps will involve researching and writing the thesis itself. The best way to go around this is to read for each of the chapters of your doctoral thesis and to organize the ideas you find very well so that you can find them again and cite them when you actually get down to writing. Make sure to revise and add information as you continue your research and you uncover new things, even if a particular chapter is already done.
  4. Make sure that you work every single day. Find at least 30 minutes or one hour to study and to research your topic of interest.
  5. Make sure to organize everything very well: from your time to the bibliography you are going to use. Everything can make a difference in your research.
  6. Do not give up! There may be times when you will feel down and you may want to leave your studying aside, but make sure you stick to your goal. Take a break, breathe in, do something relaxing and then continue with your work.

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