Bringing Something New Into Your PhD Researching

Research is the primary part of any dissertation, because it requires a lot of brainstorming, association and thought to find the best supportive information that will back your proposed thesis. Years ago, most individuals utilized the scientific or publicized research of their peers and spent hours peering over white papers and publications trying to find that one ounce of information that would help them. Now, with limitless amounts of information at your fingertips, research has become much easier for those who are writing a dissertation. The key is to bring something new into your PhD researching, and the best way to do that is to interview key experts.

Person to Person

People have personality, and with each person you interview, your research will take on a whole new level of character and insight. There are many experts who have dedicated their lives to research, and incorporating their opinions in your dissertation will tap into a wealth of knowledge that most postgraduates would not typically consider.


Years ago, finding an expert in your field would require a lot more work and it was a lot less convenient. With the Internet, telecommunication has taken on a whole new meaning. You no longer have to search through the yellow pages; you can find experts just by typing in a search engine box. You no longer have to call; you can talk face to face through your computer. There are so many options, and you don’t have to purchase a plane ticket to get the work done.

One Leads to Another

Once you interview a person, you may find an entry point for further research. Many times, an expert can lead you to other sources of information, and your quotes will be original and untapped by other professionals. Make sure that you are finding credible sources and that you quote and cite them correctly. Also, make sure that you get permission to use the information that they are providing, and keep your questions directly related to your thesis. By finding experts to interview, you are taking a whole new approach to your research. You are able to gain insights from people world-wide almost instantaneously. Make sure that you are well prepared, and make sure that you ask them where you can find further information. As you share your questions, be open to new ideas, and let your writing take on the personality of those you interview.

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