Dissertation Writing Hints: Conclusion is very important

When considering your dissertation conclusion, one thing to be sure of is one fundamental truth.

What is said last is often remembered first.

As you sit down to write this final chapter, it is important you focus on this being one of your most important to write. Up until now, you’ve presented the problem, explained the need for research, brought forth both your own research and the findings you discovered.

Yet, if you fail in the conclusion to make an effective ending to your dissertation, the content’s worth could be left to question and you may leave the readers wondering why you didn’t do more.

This chapter is the one to wrap things up, and to present a closing to both your findings and arguments. Many students make the mistake of continuing their dissertation in the conclusion, rather than focusing on the very essence of this chapter.

This is the end. You need to provide closure for your work.

Rather than rehash your arguments, or even present new ideas, this section is where it all comes together. If the introduction is where you set the stage for your dissertation, the conclusion is the final curtain.

Here, you provide a brief summary of the paper, with a focus on brief.

The moment here isn’t to be wasted. As you’ve presented your findings, you’ve demonstrated your points of interest. You’ve already explored why it’s important. You’ve discussed solutions and ramifications.

You’ve made your point. Now, in the final words, make it stick. Take this time to drive home those reasons for research and why your field should continue it.

Too, many students take this chapter too lightly and will make jokes, change their voice, or even fail to conclude altogether.

Consider, what is your take home message for your audience? What should they have learned by your hard work? What should they be doing with this information?

Be sure to tie up any loose ends with this chapter. Each paragraph should compliment the other. It should be clear, concise and the ending of your paper.

We’ll say it again, what’s said last is often remembered first. Make sure it’s a good ending.


  • Consider the length of other students dissertation's conclusion, and have a plan for how long yours will be to avoid rambling.
  • After reading this last chapter are there any questions left unanswered? If so, can you answer them?
  • Gracefully end by summarizing your main points, your arguments, and present the value of your research.

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