A PhD Thesis from Scratch

When you are preparing to write a PhD Thesis, how do you write it? What is required? What type of content needs to be in it and what structure should it take?

The problem is that there really is no exact method to follow. Research will differ from thesis to thesis and so will the preferences of the supervisor.

In the next few paragraphs we will briefly talk about how to get this done without giving yourself a stroke in the process.

What you need

Before you start on the thesis you need to know what you are being assessed on. This might seem like a lot of things: research, argument structure, quality, relevance, references, etc. In reality though , the only one thing being tested is whether or not you can discuss and defend your research on a level that is professionally academic.


Instead of focusing on strengthening the weak parts of your thesis, put most of your energy and time into writing about the parts of your research that are strongest. This will save you time and stress and you will also be more prepared to defend these parts when the time comes.


Because each supervisor will have preferences that will vary in terms of writing style, a good way to find out what they prefer is to check out some of their work. Aside from that, just keep it simple and always be aware that there is a rhythm to writing and you should stick to yours.

Try to break up your work into short, easy to read paragraphs instead of filling entire pages with just one. It makes it easier to both write and read. Also, make the sentences short and to the point without any waffle, fluff or filler. By keeping the sentences short, this will also aid in the clarity of your work.

Speaking of clarity, make sure that every point you are trying to make is spelled out in a very clear manner so that your reader knows exactly what you are talking about. If there is any ambiguity at all, rewrite that part more clearly.

Get it Done

Set aside blocks of time to get your writing done. Turn the phone, TV, stereo, iPad, Kindle and any other distractions off and focus on your work. It is essential that you have peace and quiet during this time so that your writing will be easier and faster.

Dissertation writing

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