A Manual For Writing A Solid Dissertation Abstract

When you prepare to write a dissertation, it is very time consuming in your life. Your hopes and dreams all ride on you presenting a quality dissertation and receiving a passing grade. You have spent years in learning institutions, soaking up all the knowledge about the subject as you could, learning as much about your subject matter as possible, all with the goal of becoming a professional in your field of study. This will allow you to move forward on your career and stamp you as an accepted member of the academic community in your field of study. Your dissertation contains many parts, one of which is the abstract. It might be the most important.

What is the Abstract?

The abstract is a summary presented at the beginning of your dissertation. It is the first substantive description of your work which will be reviewed by someone other than your advisor. It will present all of the major concepts of your dissertation in a concise and clear content. Your abstract can function as a standalone text so it is a complete summary of your dissertation. It must be able to stand in as a condensed version for your entire dissertation if necessary.

Making it great

There are many ways to make an abstract stand out. You need to make sure that you cover all of the topics in your dissertation. There are main components of the dissertation including the introduction, method and discussion, conclusions, and references. Your abstract needs to touch upon all of these sections, giving brief comments about each. There are not a lot of specifics, but there should be some facts and evidence which will be expounded upon in the dissertation. A person should be able to read your abstract and gain all the knowledge he needs about your dissertation, while at the same time be intrigued enough to want to read the entire dissertation and its conclusions.

Question and Answer

The most important thing for your abstract is to present he questions that you are dealing with in your dissertation. The abstract must capture the attention of the reader, make them want to read the entire dissertation in order to achieve that goal, you must give them questions which are interesting, provide your local path of reasoning, and discuss your interpretations and deductions about your research in a well informed conclusion. It is this conclusion that the reader wants, so make it obvious in your abstract, this is not a mystery novel.

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