Writing guides: doctoral thesis and time management

A doctoral thesis can be time consuming when you don’t have a plan in place. Managing your time efficiently for a project of this nature is important. You need to write a draft, revise, edit, proofread and organize your content. Not to mention, you need to develop a good topic, thesis, and review guidelines to ensure your content will meet expectations. Sometimes students do not realize how long it takes to complete a doctoral thesis. Even though the deadline is weeks away, it does not mean you should be careless about your time.

Planning Your Thesis: What Resources Will You Need

Your research and writing phases will take a considerable amount of time, no matter what topic you choose to write about. You should know your subject matter well enough to make a list of resources to use. This will vary from books, magazines, journals, websites, and other forms of research materials. The more variety of content you use the more likely you will be able to write about your topic with ease. Plus, this can help make interesting reading material in the end.

Creating an Outline and Making It Fit Your Schedule

An outline can help organize your notes and divide your assignment into smaller parts. You can choose which parts to work on first. This will also give an idea on which parts you want to complete first based on your availability. You may need to set a certain amount of time researching your topic. This can help you create a schedule around your project to ensure you meet your deadline. You can make smaller milestones to set along the way while being able to do other tasks outside of your coursework.

Review Possible Time Frames for Steps to Take and Stick to Them

This is where stress and frustration comes in. When you are unable to stick to your schedule you may have more difficulty getting your thesis done. You can try to commit more time to working on it when possible. This may be helpful when unexpected things happen that lead to you taking an unanticipated break from the project. Think about how long it may take you to complete related tasks such as making corrections, collecting data, and even creating an outline. Compare this to time you have available during the week. Based on your availability determine which steps to complete on specific days and go from there.

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