5 Ways To Writing A Successful Dissertation Proposal

Creating a dissertation involves more than just writing the paper itself. Along with an intense amount of research and organizing, you also will need to write a proposal for your dissertation committee. The proposal is one of the earliest steps along the dissertation journey. Your proposal must be accepted before you begin doing anything else. If you do not write a dissertation proposal that is written in the proper format and easy for the committee to understand, your idea will not be accepted and you will need to start all over again.

A successful dissertation proposal is one that is quickly approved by the dissertation committee. In order to do this, you must do the following:

  1. Follow the proposal format. Before you even begin crafting the proposal, as your advisor for the format that the committee is looking to see. If your advisor does not give you one, ask where you can find the one that the committee prefers.
  2. Keep your proposal brief. When you create a proposal, do not overdo the idea. Advisors and committees do not want to anything that is overly detailed, so provide enough to fully explain your idea without getting wordy.
  3. Write in a professional tone. This is not creative writing. Keep the tone professional, so you only use the words that you need to explain the steps you will take and the outcome you are hoping to get. Committees read more dissertation proposals than you can imagine, so use precise words to keep the paper clear.
  4. Clearly label the sections. In many cases, the dissertation committee might actually just skip through certain sections. With labels that are bolded, your committee members will be able to find the spots they are really interested in reading.
  5. Be patient. Dissertation committees are busier than most students realize. Every student who is working on a doctorate degree needs to have their dissertation proposals reviewed before they can begin. Since committee members tend to be professors, they need to fit the committee meetings in with the rest of their duties. They will return the proposal with recommendations as soon as they can.

When you spend time following the instructions that your advisor gives you, your proposal will be easier to evaluate. The committee members will be able to understand your goal and give you permission to continue.

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