5 steps to do before Writing a Masters Dissertation

A huge sense of accomplishment comes with completing a master’s dissertation. You will feel the pride that you’ve contributed something new to the world’s body of academic data and knowledge. It also means you can move up to the next academic level if that’s your goal.

Here are 5 things you should work on before starting to write:

  1. Your topic – you must choose it and be very familiar and passionate about it. There should be a fair amount of narrowing down so that your topic is focused enough to be able to pinpoint exactly what type of research you’ll do that will be fresh and innovative. Then you will craft your statement.
  2. Dissertation adviser or committee – some educational institutions offer one or the other or both. Find out what you will be using and if you get to choose your supervisor, choose well after you’ve done your research about each one. Remember this isn’t going to be a friend – it’s going to be a professional guide for you. They should have specialized experience and knowledge in the field of study of your topic.
  3. Reading and research – there is much of this to be done before you even begin writing. You should decide how much research will be needed to adequately cover your topic, as well as where the research will be conducted. You need to know what research has already been done in this area.
  4. Design and methodology – the design is an outline of what you will do to prove your thesis statement. The methodology explains exactly what methods you will use to complete your research and prove your point. Your advisor can be of great help in this area.
  5. Funding – while it’s possible to pull off a large research project with no funding, it isn’t practical. So you’ll need to locate and secure a source of research funding. This is a great idea because research is expensive and you don’t want to be stalled for funding partway through your dissertation research.

These are the five most important things to do before you start writing your dissertation, but you can also plan ahead on how you will do your defense. Get some guidance from your supervisor as to what you can expect to encounter in your dissertation defence. If you are prepared ahead of time the whole process will be a lot smoother.

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